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Blacktech 3-in-1 Magnetic Car Holder

Blacktech 3-in-1 Magnetic Car Holder

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Perfectly Designed Mobile Phone Holder for iPhone and Android

Introducing our 3-in-1 mobile phone holder, meticulously designed to enhance your smartphone experience. This versatile holder is specifically engineered to cater to various mounting preferences: dashboard, windshield glass, and air vent applications.

Featuring a telescope extension, our phone holder offers optimal viewing distance and ensures that your device is always within reach. Additionally, the inclusion of a strong magnet guarantees secure attachment, safeguarding your valuable smartphone throughout your journey.

With adjustable length and angle capabilities, our holder provides customizable positioning, allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect viewing angle for both comfort and convenience. Furthermore, our product boasts a robust washable adhesive suction cup, ensuring firm and reliable attachment to any surface.

To further enhance stability, our mobile phone holder is equipped with an air vent supporting leg. This innovative feature eliminates any unwanted tilting or movement, assuring that your phone remains securely in place during travel.

For added convenience, our product includes two metal stickers: one round sticker with glue and a larger square sticker specifically designed for placement into a thin case. These versatile stickers allow you to easily attach your phone to the holder without any hassle.

Experience the ultimate combination of functionality, versatility, and quality with our perfectly designed mobile phone holder. Elevate your smartphone experience today!


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