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Laser Full HD Dash Cam

Laser Full HD Dash Cam

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The Laser Full HD dash cam captures video with Full HD 1080p resolution, allowing easy viewing of crucial details on the road like road signs and number plates.

It features a built-in microphone that captures sounds and conversations, adding more detail to unexpected incidents. Loop Recording ensures continuous capture of your drive, overwriting old footage when the memory card is full. With the 2.4-inch screen with wide viewing angles, conveniently check the recorded footage. The dash cam can record up to 2 hours onto a 32GB microSD card*.

The Laser Full HD Dash Cam is essential for professional drivers, commuters, and road trip enthusiasts to enhance safety on the road.

Key Features

  • Effortless setup - Simply insert the microSD card*, mount the dash cam on your windshield, connect it to the car cigarette power socket and you are good to go!
  • Full HD / 1080p Recording Resolution - Full HD 1080p recording resolution ensures vital information on the road, such as road signs, road markings, and vehicle number plates are captured clearly in a variety of light conditions.
  • Wide field of view - Position the dash cam strategically to ensure optimal coverage of the road. The 120° angled camera captures the road ahead including the immediate surroundings.
  • Auto impact detection - This dash cam will record video that will not be overwritten if it senses an impact even when you are not present.**
  • Check recorded footage straight on the camera - With the 2.4” color screen with wide viewing angles, conveniently check the recorded footage without the need to upload it to your computer. You can also change settings while remaining parked in your vehicle.
  • Hours of detailed recordings - With a 32GB microSD SUHS Class U3 card*, you can store up to 2 hours of detailed full HD recordings (or up to 3 hours in 720p resolution), giving you peace of mind on journeys. When the memory card becomes full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings on it.

*Not supplied. microSD SDUC Class 3 card is a common microSD card conveniently available at electronics retailers. The camera supports 8GB-32GB.

** Dashcam requires a constant power supply; the built-in battery is only designed for emergency power.


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