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LG UHD TV UR80 65-inch 4K Smart TV with AI Sound Pro

LG UHD TV UR80 65-inch 4K Smart TV with AI Sound Pro

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Experience an extraordinary blend of picture and sound enhancements with the α5 AI Processor 4K Gen6, ensuring remarkable image quality. For the 86" UR80 model, relish the power of the α7 AI Processor Gen6, enhancing your viewing experience further.

Immerse yourself in the cinematic soundscape created by AI Sound Pro, virtually mixing TV sound to emulate surround speakers with remastered clarity and balance control, enhancing the quality of source material.

Let AI Brightness Control automatically adapt your screen's brightness to match ambient lighting levels, ensuring optimal viewing in any setting.

HDR10 Pro dynamically adjusts brightness frame by frame, elevating contrast and clarity, and requires High Dynamic Range content for its functionality.

For gaming enthusiasts, Game Optimiser consolidates gaming settings in an intuitive menu, while the Gaming Dashboard provides quick access to your current settings for a powerful gaming experience.

ThinQ AI and webOS bring convenience to your fingertips with personalized alerts, custom recommendations, and more. The All New Home, acting as the hub that revolves around you, offers a fast, intuitive viewing experience.

Access My Profile for personalized notifications, movie suggestions, and quick access to favorite apps and shows, all in one dedicated place.

AI Picture Wizard simplifies picture settings by analyzing your favorite images and creating the ideal sharpness, contrast, and color settings tailored for you.

Categorize your favorite apps and services with Quick Cards, allowing you to arrange and switch them quickly for a seamless content experience.

Hold the easy-to-use Magic Remote, featuring a point-and-scroll function for swift content searches. Built-in AI ensures easy access to services, while handy hotkeys provide shortcuts to favorite streaming apps.


- α5 AI Processor 4K Gen6 (86" UR80 features α7 AI Processor Gen6)
- AI Sound Pro for virtual surround sound
- AI Brightness Control for adaptive screen brightness
- HDR10 Pro for dynamic brightness adjustments
- Game Optimiser for consolidated gaming settings
- ThinQ AI and webOS for a fast, intuitive viewing experience
- All New Home as the central hub for convenience
- My Profile for personalized notifications and quick access
- AI Picture Wizard for simplified picture settings
- Quick Cards for easy categorization of favorite apps
- Magic Remote with point-and-scroll function and built-in AI
- 65" UHD UR80 4K LED TV
- Quad-Core Processor Cores
- Estimated yearly electricity use: 466 kWh


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