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Maximo iPhone Xs Max Screen Protector

Maximo iPhone Xs Max Screen Protector

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**Maximo 9H Tempered Glass Protector - Unparalleled Defense for Your Device**

**Key Features:**

1. **9H Super Hardness:**
Experience top-tier durability with the Maximo 9H super-hard tempered glass protector. Shield your device against scratches from knives, stones, scissors, and more.

2. **2.5D Rounded Smooth Edge:**
The 2.5D rounded smooth edge design adds an extra layer of safety, preventing cuts when touching the edge. It seamlessly blends with your device's screen for a sleek and protective fit.

3. **Superb Transparency (97%):**
Enjoy an immersive visual experience with superb transparency at 97%. The HD clear quality ensures high definition clarity, letting you experience your device's display in all its brilliance.

4. **Anti-Shock Protection:**
The tempered glass protector provides anti-shock protection, reducing the impact of accidental drops or knocks. Safeguard your device from unexpected shocks.

5. **Fingerprint, Grease & Scratch Resistance:**
Maintain a pristine screen with excellent resistance to fingerprints, grease, and scratches. Easily wipe away dust, keeping your device's display clean and clear.

6. **Perfect Overlay and High Reliability:**
Achieve a perfect overlay with high reliability. The tempered glass seamlessly integrates with your device, offering reliable and consistent protection.

7. **Residue-Free Removal:**
Remove the tempered glass protector without worrying about residue marks. Enjoy a clean removal process whenever needed.

8. **Easy Application and Bubble Removal:**
Applying the protector is a breeze, and the design ensures easy removal of bubbles during the application process. Effortlessly achieve a smooth and bubble-free surface.

9. **Shatterproof Design:**
The tempered glass is shatterproof, meaning it breaks into tiny, non-sharp particles upon impact, ensuring additional safety.

Compatible with Apple iPhone Xs max, this Maximo tempered glass protector is tailored to fit your device precisely.

Invest in the advanced protection your device deserves with Maximo's 9H Tempered Glass Protector. It's not just a shield; it's unparalleled defense for your valuable gadget.


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