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Navig8R Mako Wifi Drone

Navig8R Mako Wifi Drone

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**Elevate Your Aerial Adventure with the Navig8r Mako WiFi Drone**

The Navig8r Mako WiFi Drone is your ticket to an immersive and thrilling aerial experience. Boasting a range of features designed to enhance your piloting skills and capture stunning footage, this drone takes your adventures to new heights. Here's what makes the Navig8r Mako stand out:

**Key Features:**

1. **First Person Perspective (FPV):** Experience the thrill of flying as if you're right there in the drone. Capture high-quality footage and view the scenery from a first-person perspective, bringing a new dimension to your aerial exploration.

2. **Versatile Flight Options:**
- *3 Speeds:* Choose from three different speeds to match your skill level and preferences.
- *360 Flips:* Perform impressive aerial maneuvers with 360-degree flips, adding a touch of acrobatics to your flight.
- *Auto-Hover:* Ensure steady and stable hovering at your desired altitude for smooth and controlled shots.
- *Headless Mode:* Simplify the piloting experience by eliminating the need to adjust the drone's orientation. Headless mode makes it easier to fly, especially for beginners.

3. **Foldable Design:**
- *Compact Storage:* After your adventure, simply land the drone and fold up its arms for easy and convenient storage.
- *USB Charging:* Recharge the drone via USB, ensuring it's ready for your next airborne excursion.

4. **Wi-Fi Wireless Control:**
- *Intuitive Piloting:* Enjoy easy and intuitive control of your drone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to navigate the skies effortlessly.
- *Live Streaming:* Utilize Wi-Fi connectivity to potentially stream live footage directly to your device, giving you real-time views from the drone's perspective.

5. **Enhanced Stability:**
- *6-Axis Gyro:* Benefit from enhanced mid-air stability, making it easier to control the drone and capture steady footage even in varying conditions.

6. **Propeller Backup:**
- *Extra Propellers:* The package includes four extra propellers, ensuring you have replacements on hand in case of any unexpected mishaps.

Whether you're a seasoned drone pilot or a newcomer to the world of aerial exploration, the Navig8r Mako WiFi Drone offers a feature-packed and user-friendly experience for capturing breathtaking moments from the sky.

Barcode (GTIN) 9335432037562
Product Type Drones
Brand Navig8r
Colour Black
Weight 0.850000
Manufacturers Express Warranty (months) 12


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