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Laser Portable Wireless Car Play

Laser Portable Wireless Car Play

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The Laser 7" Portable Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Touchscreen brings Apple CarPlay and Android  Auto technologies to any vehicle, offering convenience, safety, and functionality.

It integrates with your car, connecting you and keeping you entertained while on the road. Using voice assist commands, send messages, make phone calls, or select your favorite music tracks without taking your hands away from the steering wheel.




    Key Features

    • Navigation - Throw away your old GPS and stop using the one that came with your car. Whether you use Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, or another mapping product, you now have the latest map version along with all the integration and real-time features that are on your (mobile) phone... Furthermore, you can issue voice instructions, so you no longer need the clunky keyboard to enter an address.
    • Music your way - stream, cast, play your favourite songs, playlists, or podcasts. If it's on your phone - like Spotify, Apple Music, Tune in, Amazon, and so on ... then it's on the CarPlay/Android Auto screen. "Hey Siri, play some Taylor Swift"
    • Messaging - touchless and by voice. Whether you're using WhatsApp, SMS, WeChat, or other messaging platforms... you can simply instruct and read out your messages (S2T) and your speech is converted to text ready to send... "Hey Siri read message from Mum"... or "Hey Siri... send a message to Mum"
    • Real Handsfree calling...Hey, Siri or Hey Google.  Leave your phone in your pocket and dial numbers or contacts simply by talking... "Hey Siri call Bob Smith" or "Hey Google check my voicemail"... Use voice commands to check your calendar, play podcasts, or engage in a team meeting.
    • Airplay and Miracast... cast content from your phone (or tablet) onto the screen... so now the kids can watch what's on your phone (or tablet)... even if the car is moving. Although this feature is restricted to new vehicles with built-in CarPlay/Android Auto... Airplay and Miracast are available on our device. A great tip is to hand the device to the kids in the back to keep them entertained.
    • 7"LCD screen with IPS - Powered by a 12v Cable.  Using a high-quality In-Plane-Switching LCD panel, our 7"screen offers improved color accuracy and consistency as well as a wider viewing angle... particularly helpful if you can't mount the screen directly in front of you (the driver). The 7"screen is powered by a 12v cable (with USB-C connector... not those flimsy tiny DC pin connectors ... watch out for this when comparing). 
    • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi - Wireless connection from your (smart) phone to the CarPlay/Android Auto device means you can leave your phone in your pocket /handbag/backpack. Once connected, the pairing is saved so that the next time you get into your car your phone is automatically re-connected. 
    • FM transmitter - with a choice of preset stations on the device, simply tune your FM radio to one of the preset stations and enjoy audio from the cars audio system. Alternately there is a built-in speaker in the device if you don't want to use the car stereo
    • Extendable Windscreen mount - offers a variety of installation options... from close-up... near the driver to a centrally located position (further away from the driver)... the extendable windscreen mount is adaptable for all windscreen types.
    • Optional Reverse Camera... Purchase our optional reverse camera for added functionality. It works by displaying the whats behind the car when the car is put into reverse gear. A great add on for safety and convenience.
    What are the minimum Android requirements to connect with the CarPlay screen?

    To connect with a USB cable:

    An Android phone with Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher and an active data plan.

    A high-quality USB cable.

    To connect wirelessly:

    A compatible Android phone with an active data plan. Wireless projection is compatible with these Android versions:

         a. Any phone with Android 11.0 or higher.

         b. A Google or Samsung phone with Android 10.0

         c. A Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, or Note 8, with Android 9.0


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