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Laser Starlight Projector

Laser Starlight Projector

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This starlight projector can transform any room into a tranquil and relaxing space with its beautiful stars, nebulas, and galaxy-like displays.

Set the scene for a night of imagination and wonder for your kid’s bedrooms during story time or create a fun and relaxing ambiance for your guests when throwing your next dinner party.
The Laser SmartHome App will be your remote that gives you the freedom to control many aspects of the projected display from colors, brightness, movement, and frequency with a simple tap on your connected smartphone.
Setup a schedule so you your kids can go to bed on-time, then have the projector turn off using the timer function once they have fallen off to sleep. It’s fun and easy to turn your home into a magical experience for all.

Key Features

  • Great for kids and adults:  Setup a starry display for kid's bedrooms and enhance the bedroom with a space themed ambiance.
  • Range of Patterns: Choose from a range of projected light patterns, a vast range of colors, or mix your own.
  • Plug and Play: The Laser Starlight projector is easy to set-up, pair to Wi-fi and any smartphone device.
  • Your phone is your remote – Control all aspects of the display using the Laser SmartHome App on your smart phone. 


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